Recording studio to improve north coast’s entertainment value

December 18, 2019
Popular Ocho Rios selectors of Illusion Sound (from left) DJs Travo, Caspa, Craigis, Bulbie and Biggz.
Popular Ocho Rios selectors of Illusion Sound (from left) DJs Travo, Caspa, Craigis, Bulbie and Biggz.
Shane Lew
Shane Lew

One of the founding members of Illusion Sound, Craig 'DJ Craigis' Kelly, believes that there are not many working studio infrastructures on the north coast.

"A recording studio that caters to both established and new talents would be good for the parish right now," Kelly said. "You can count on one hand the amount of studios that are up and running, most of which are private, in St Ann and we have a diverse offering of upcoming, underground artistes."

As a selector of one of the most popular sound systems in Ocho Rios, he told THE STAR that it was naturally part of the job and 'normal' to get music from new artistes to debut or promote at events.

"And the challenges of the artistes have not gone unnoticed; lots of them have had to travel out of the parish to seek studios in town," he said.

Well the wishes have been answered with the impending launch of Riverbank Studio in Top Milford, slated for Saturday, December 28.

The studio promises to be an outlet for the community.

The owners of Riverbank Studio have been immersed in music and entertainment for approximately 15 years, said Shane Lew, the company's director.

Company has progressed

He said the company has progressed as a lifestyle entity, affiliating with other industry professionals, from promoters to sound systems based in and around St Ann, where Riverbank wants its ideas to overflow.

"It is important for us to provide a space where much-needed resources necessary for the development of new talents, where mentorship by industry professionals may be facilitated," Lew told THE STAR.

"There is a lot of talent hidden in the rural areas and opportunities are limited. What we are creating is a hub, equipped with the tools required to help musicians channel those talents and pursue their dreams into tangible careers," he added.

A cost is attached for persons interested in using Riverbank Studio but that is currently being finalised to rival current market price.

Lew said that the studio was being built with the intention to cater to the music industry on a whole, to nurture professionals in the creative and performing arts, hosting events to add value to its development.

At the same time, organisers will be working with the local government and charities to provide resources for churches and learning institutions to unearth talent in those spaces.

The launch, where guests would be treated in the spirit of Christmas, will include giveaways and a tour of the facilities, while guests rock to musical entertainment from some of St Ann's finest.

"The plans we have would definitely raise the bar. This was birthed out of our love for music and entertainment. We just want to continue following the road where it takes the brand while building more relationships. It is targeting all music lovers and dreamers who are passionate about the art," Lew said.

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