MC Nuffy ‘expels’ Trippple X from dancehall - Says entertainer’s ‘gay artiste’ prediction proves he’s not a true dancehall supporter

January 07, 2020
MC Nuffy
MC Nuffy
Trippple X
Trippple X

Declaring himself the 'principal of dancehall', MC Nuffy says he is officially expelling Trippple X from the dancehall fraternity.

In an interview with THE STAR, the popular MC expressed disappointment at the entertainer/comedian for his prediction that a gay artiste would emerge in dancehall.

In Nuffy's eyes, a true supporter of the genre would never make such a forecast.

"Trippple X is a wannabe dancehall supporter. No man in dancehall would come and make such a prediction. I'm not the person who is going to come and bash any group of people but dancehall is a 'straight' place. We don't have no gay dancehall," he said. "Dancehall loose and slack long time but we nah let in any and anything so weh him talk, a f**kery. Not because dancehall take Candy and it take Mackerel nuh mean we a take anything. We a di principal a dancehall and we a run him out fi da talk deh."

Indicating that he hasn't paid any attention to Demaro (the artiste claiming to be dancehall's first openly gay entertainer), Nuffy said he too should refrain from aligning himself with the dancehall culture.

He expressed that although dancehall has evolved to where it has adopted different cultures (namely Goth and trap), the genre will never be open enough that it accepts 'gay dancehall'.

"If yuh have yuh world and you a do music, fine, but we never invite yuh inna dancehall and dancehall don't want yuh," Nuffy said. "Don't come inna we space. We nah go ever have no gay dancehall, dat just nah go work."

He pointed out that well-known actor Shebada also released music.

"I wonder if di people dem memba. Dat never go nowhere and dis man weh claim him a artiste nuh popular like Shebada, so him nah go nowhere either," he said. "No selector nah play none a dem song deh from dem man deh and from selecta nah play yuh song, yuh can't buss inna dancehall."

When THE STAR contacted Trippple X, he was uninterested in engaging in a 'trace off' with Nuffy.

The entertainer said that instead of giving Nuffy the relevance he believes he's desperately seeking, he's going to take the high road and ignore him.

Still, he expressed that if a forum presented itself where he and Nuffy were invited as panellists to have a face-to-face discussion, he would take up the task.

Westmoreland native and recording artiste Demaro has been shaking up things on the entertainment scene since the beginning of the year.

His song, Mi Readi, only had 1,000 views last week when THE STAR discovered his story on Billboard. Since then, it has spiked to 27,000, gaining more than 25,000 views in the space of a weekend.

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