Miss Chin promises everyone will know her name

January 10, 2020
Miss Chin
Miss Chin

Having put the drama from a nasty break-up between her and ex-manager Shelly Curran behind her, up-and-coming recording artiste Miss Chin is ready to give her career her full attention in 2020.

The aspiring entertainer says that this year she'll be making sure everyone knows her name and recognise her talent.

"I have a new song that I'm going to be releasing soon called Him Love It, and it's gonna be hot. I just got the treatment for the video, so I don't wanna disclose any details because I want it to be a surprise. When it drop, it's gonna have this 'whoa' effect on everybody," she said.

"It's raunchy and it's me, and it's going to go viral. For 2020, yuh done know seh a clear vision, so a whole heap a tings unu can expect from Miss Chin because she a go just deh inna everybody face."

The entertainer said she has moved on from the management fallout so much so that she's open to working with people again sometime in the future.

But for now, she's fine with being on her 'boss b**ch' game.

"I don't really want any ties at this moment. I want to make these moves I need to make on my own, so I can learn the lessons I need to learn to become the boss I know I can be in music," she said. "I also want to be drama-free and the best way to do that right now is keep to myself. If I do decide to work with anyone again, management wise, I don't want any females. That just nah go work out because woman love bad vibes and negative energy."

Revealing that her Instagram page was recently hacked, Miss Chin said fans can stay in touch with her on the new page she's created @misschinofficial.

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