Quada turns to music amid legal woes - Deejay admits he’s facing ‘stormy days’ following murder charge

January 22, 2020

Hours after he was released on bail last Friday, dancehall artiste Quada was recording once again.

The deejay, who is facing murder and arson charges, spent three days at the Constant Spring Lock-up last week before being released on $500,000 bond.

In what is being described as a timely response to his legal woes, Quada dropped the track, Pain.

Overcoming life's many obstacles is the track's key message, one Quada says he has had to learn hard and fast.

" Dem say life come wid pain, sunshine come after rain," Quada sings on the chorus.

He told THE STAR that perhaps he wrote the track for this exact moment in time without knowing then that it would mean this much.

"Yuh see me, me a visionary innu. My music dem, me write all six months before me even drop dem. Me write based on context and wah me see people a go through and wah me go through," he said. "This a one of the most perfect timing me ever see inna music fi a song drop because it just capture the whole moment of weh me did a go tru. The moment and the song connect too much fi deny say the song very personal to me."

He said that his current situation teaches him to look at things optimistically.

Bad mind and negativity

"Me nah worry about a thing, me just a give the law time to prove wah it fi prove," he said. "Maybe a the heights weh fadda God wah put we pan why all a dis a happen, but as me say inna di song, sunshine a go come after the rain. A some stormy days right now but we a go get through wid it. Quada is an artiste weh always purge out bad mind and negativity and we a continue do dat," he added.

The song has racked up close to 200,000 views on YouTube and is number two on the list of local trending videos.

The artiste says he is grateful for all the support he has been receiving, but is even more overwhelmed at the love he has been getting from fans during his difficult period.

"Me grateful innu. The fans dem stand up like backbone. A just chu we a nuh pickney fi say me frighten 'til me fool, but me love the people dem and all a di strength weh me a get from dem. This is a joy man because dis a just things weh we used to dream bout," he said.

Speaking of support, the artiste singled out Popcaan for standing firm with him during his incarceration last week.

"It's more than just the music wid me and Popcaan, dem man deh look out fi mi like a me family. If me a go tru supmn, him a go tru it too and vice-versa; he was there one million per cent," he said.

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