Renee 6:30 focused on building stage presence

February 18, 2020
Renee 6:30
Renee 6:30

Following a steamy performance in Negril on Valentine's Day weekend, dancehall artiste Renee 6:30 says this year, she is determined to make her mark on stage.

In a video that is currently circulating on social media, the entertainer is videoed gyrating close to the face of an eager male participant.

While the entertainer is performing, the dreadlocked man can be seen stretching out his tongue, mimicking the act of oral sex. Renee 6:30 says it was all in the name of entertainment.

"If yuh look pan me story, yuh will see say the man is a likkle freaky man. When me reach a di party, di man say him a entertain me and him put me dung pan a chair and wine up pan me and come wid him tongue and gwaan.

So when I was performing now, and me reach my likkle sexy song, me call him back pan stage and gwaan wid me sexy self," she said. "Me never fraid because me know it was all in good fun.

Get a big forward

People loved the performance, a baay calls me a get from people weh did deh a di show. For somebody that is young on the scene, me really get a big forward and it really make me feel good."

Unbothered by whether people will think she's doing the most for clout, the entertainer says she's focusing on building her stage presence.

She says she has been maturing with each performance and believes she will soon be a force to be reckoned with on stage.

"The feedback that I get every time is overwhelming. A nuh every stage show me go and people know me song dem but every stage show I go to, I still get a good feedback," she said. "The shows have built my confidence and 2020 me a come outta me shell and dem a go see say me a nuh somebody dem fi take lightly inna dis industry."

- S.G.

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