Chyna Nicole calls for ‘Justice’

February 27, 2020
Chyna Nicole
Chyna Nicole

Two years ago, singer Chyna Nicole wrote a song that was inspired by events surrounding police brutality and the injustice meted out to persons.

Let it be for Justice was finally released earlier this week.

"There are so many reasons why this song was created. It was written at a time when there were frequent incidents of police brutality cases in the United States and (there was) the rising crime rate in Jamaica. I consider Jamaica as my second home and I thought about what we as black people of African ancestry have suffered and overcome," she said. "One of the remedies is to have fair trials in the courts for crimes. Another is restorative justice. In schools here in the US, many adopt the restorative justice model, which is a way to resolve problems that students encounter on a day-to-day basis.

She added: "As an artiste and educator, I felt it was my responsibility to not only put out songs about love and matters of the heart, but to also heal while lifting audiences with positive messages."

Solo record

Chyna Nicole said that the vibe was magnetic in recording the song.

"Gary and I were in Jamaica in studio and heard (producer) Mark (Clarke) creating and playing this track. Mark asked me to put some harmonies on his amazing record. I fell in love with the track. Then I asked them if I could also do a solo record," she said. "The team was excited about my interpretation of the musical composition. After I recorded the track with (another producer) Gary (Sutherland) in New York, I rang (singer and producer) Ed Robinson and asked him to add additional backing vocals. I just love full productions with others involved. Ed decided to add live drums in addition to laying his vocals. It's all about timing and I am hoping that persons will embrace this song."

The song is reportedly getting significant play on reggae formatted stations in the US, Africa and parts of Europe.

Let it be for Justice is the first single from Chyna Nicole's forthcoming third studio album. Sutherland and Clarke produced it.

A Jumpout Productions release, the song was earlier this week selected as Song of the Week by popular South Florida radio jock John T of WAVS 1170, which she believes gives her record more credence.

She is promising fans a musical treat with the release of her upcoming third album, which is still untitled.

Chyna Nicole has enlisted an array of producers including Sutherland, Clarke, Noel Alphonso, Paul 'Computer Paul' Henton, Lloyd Mullings, David Clarke, Shola Henry and Jackson McArthur.

Said Chyna Nicole, "I'm still toying with the title, but its definitely going to be relevant to life. I'm hoping that I can be an inspiration to women over 30 that you can still pursue your dreams."

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