Mikeylous hits the airwaves with Ungrateful

March 10, 2020

Deejay Mikeylous topped the charts in 1995 with the hit ' Macarena Dance' but now, 25 years later, he is on his way to scoring another chart-topper locally.

His latest release, Ungrateful, has been buzzing on the airwaves, thrusting the dancehall artiste into the spotlight. Mikeylous shared the inspiration behind the song.

"The song is coming from something that I have experienced. After helping so much people, 99 per cent of them never appreciated what I have done for them. Some of them even turned against me," said Mikeylous.

Featured on the Night Ride rhythm, Ungrateful is a joint production between Mikeylous and Joe Wizzle.

"The feedback to the song has been overwhelming. Everybody love the song and most people can relate to the topic, especially those who have been kind to and helped others," said Mikeylous.

Social media blogger Rawpa Crawpa recently previewed the song on his Instagram page and the feedback from members of the public have been encouraging.

Journey in music

"The response we got nuh normal," said an excited Mikeylous.

For Mikeylous, the journey in music has been a rough one since he started out in the 1980s. Originally from St Ann, he enjoyed some success in the Caribbean with songs like Man a Wall (which topped the charts in the Bahamas), Sticky Pon Di Hard Drugs, Country Mi Ting Deh and Bad Mind a Kill Dem, featuring Peter Metro.

"I have no label backing or management handling my business, so I have to work twice as hard. However, because of the love for the music, I have continued on my journey. Music chose me, I didn't choose it," he said.

In recent times, Mikeylous has been working with producers including Seltza Music from Orlando, and Tony Hype. He has an album titled From Then Till Now that is currently being produced.

A video for Ungrateful was recently completed and is expected to be released shortly.

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