Ritson is ‘assertive’ with new album

March 12, 2020

Montego Bay-based dancehall artiste Ritson, aka FutBoss, is in an upbeat mood as he prepares for the release of his sophomore album #Assertive.

The talented deejay shows off his versatility on the 26-track project, which is slated to be released on Wednesday, April 1 on his Ritson Records imprint.

"I can't find enough words to express how happy I am about this project. It was a team effort. I have to big up Okeino 'Kyng' Fenton of R.A.F Production and Joshua' BenkRaft' Benjamin of BenkRaft Power out of Nigeria for their contribution to this project. It's highly appreciated," said Ritson.

The album features several unforgettable dancehall, reggae and afrobeat songs that are sure to be club bangers such as the title track, Roll Out, featuring Kyng Black Stars, Antidote, Soul Searching and You Bad (Shotta Wine), featuring BenkRaft.

Easy-going entertainer

"This is my second album. I knew it had to be better than my first effort. So we went all out to create an album that's going to captivate everyone who listens to it," he said.

The easy-going entertainer, who recently became a father, shows off his soulful side on Cosmo (Love Me Daughter), a song that he wrote and recorded for his five-month-old daughter Ritsonya.

He is in full romantic mode on Tasana (Life Line) which is a tribute to his daughter's mother.

Ritson said that he's confident that #Assertive will help to take his career to new heights.

"I'm sure that this album with help to establish me as a force to be reckoned with in dancehall music. I can't wait to see how the public will react to it," he said.

Ritson, given name Ritson Fairclough, grew up in Green Pond, Montego Bay. He launched his recording career in 2015 with a single titled Bad Tu De Bone on the Ritson Records imprint.

In 2018, he released his debut album #Dignity, also on the Ritson Records imprint.

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