Country music icon Kenny Rogers has died aged 81

March 21, 2020

Country music icon, actor-singer, Kenny Rogers has died at the age of  81. 

Kenny Rogers' publicist Keith Hagan, confirmed the legendary singers passing to the media via a family announcement on social networking site twitter, on Friday night.

According to the family statement, Rogers died from natural causes, surrounded by family under hospice care. 

In 2013, Kenny Rogers a three-time Grammy Award winner, and six-time Country Music Awards winner, was inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame. 

The prolific country music icon, was known for hits such as 'Through the Years', 'Lady', and 'Coward of the County.' Rogers 1978 hit song 'The Gambler', also saw him star in multiple tv roles. 

Rogers announced his retirement in 2015, and left the music touring scene in its entirety in 2017. 

Since Rogers passing, tributes continue to pour out on social media across the globe. 

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