Reggae singer tries to aid COVID fight

March 26, 2020

As the country braces for a major public-health crisis triggered by the rapid spread of the COVID-19, reggae singer Panic is on the front lines, helping the impoverished to fight the disease by handing out boxes of hand sanitiser.

He said that he felt compelled to help because people have limited resources.

"When someone has to make a choice between whether to eat or be healthy, that is a choice that is crazy, so if I can help people to get some sanitiser on their hands, it will help. I am no millionaire, but if we can stop one person from getting infected or transmitting the disease, then we are OK with that," Panic said.

He gave away 200 boxes of hand sanitiser gel to several residents by reaching out to sponsors like AutoMania, who helped to provide the much-needed goods to depressed communities of Cassia Park and Cockburn Pen in Olympic Gardens last week.

"I used to run up and down on the banks of Verene Avenue when I used to live at Cassia Park, and people still a go through hardships. Youths get older and the same thing a gwaan, so the place have some sentiment to me. I also did the same exercise in Cockburn Pen," he said.

The global pandemic has claimed the lives of 18,000 people over the world and infected more than 400,000.

He has also started to give out phonecards via his social media pages to Jamaicans who want to stay connected to get updates on the virus.

"It is important that people have access to the Internet at this time to keep informed. I have reached out to a few other corporate sponsors, and I want to do a bigger exercise giving out hand sanitiser and other goods in Spanish Town in the near future," he said

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