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April 06, 2020
Kabaka Pyramid
Kabaka Pyramid
Christopher Martin
Christopher Martin
Shana S
Shana S

Jahmiel tries to lift spirits with new track

Keeping the message of hope and perseverance, Jahmiel has released the single Jah Over Everything, a timely track as the world seeks comfort and answers due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

"As the world deals with the novel coronavirus and how it is impacting families, people have turned to music or movies to distract themselves.

With these unprecedented times of self-isolation and quarantine, the power of the arts to bring laughter, hope or feel good sensation is more important than ever.""

Jahmiel said that he hopes Jah Over Everything will uplift the spirits of mankind.

The meaningful, relatable single echoes a familiar sentiment heard throughout the world. It calls to a higher power to hang in and have faith.

Some of the heartfelt lyrics are, " Sad times and bad times. you never leave I alone yet. Jah you deh deh for me, when I had no shoulders to lean on me keep strong cause you deh deh for me. ."

New single shows sexy side of 'Quarantine'

International recording stars Kabaka Pyramid and Christopher Martin joined their lyrical and vocal prowess on the brand new track, Quarantine.

With a worldwide lockdown in play, this seductive track shows the sexy side of being isolated with that special someone.

Martin's silky, soulful voice, perfectly complements Kabaka's multilayered flow as they both expertly cruise the lover's rock rhythm.

" Mek we lockdown and quarantine ... Rock unda lock and key girl ..." sings Martin, while Kabaka cosigns the isolation occasion to the object of his desire ," me nah left your side and that is my guarantee."

Produced by Craig 'Grizzle' Higgins and written by Kabaka, King Mas (Glenford Prospere) and Martin, Quarantine will resonate with audiences that stretch far beyond the Caribbean while borders are closed.

Shana S helps Portland families

US-based, Jamaica-born singjay Shana S has reached out to several families living in Portland to provide cash to purchase much-needed grocery items as COVID-19 has forced millions into lockdown, and possibly unemployment.

"We all know how frustrating it is to be in a position where our families or neighbours are in need and we can't help them. COVID-19 has now made that situation frustratingly impossible for some families with the stay-at-home order. It feels great to be a part of a good deed that's helping to ease some of the burden placed on families," Shana S said.

With the help of friends, Shana S was able to drop off envelopes with $13,000 cash to purchase groceries for families in Portland.

"I got a donation from one of my high -school friends, who was inspired by what I was doing and wanted to help. So together we helped these families, including a woman who has been housebound and unable to move for years. We plan to do more. If just one person feels less lonely or isolated when faced with this pandemic, then I'll feel better. Coronavirus is scary. Let's make kindness go viral. Get involved, Jamaica, help your neighbours," she said.

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