Vypa Don has ‘All Eyes’ on musical success

April 28, 2020
Vypa Don
Vypa Don

The year 2020 has been a roller-coaster period for the local entertainment industry due to the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, leaving many artistes, selectors, and sound system operators on a long, unplanned break.

One artiste Vypa Don, given name Steffon Bartley, has used social media to push his popularity and songs during this downtime.

Vypa Don, who hails from Clarendon, released the track All Eyes earlier this year, and teamed up with Mad Dem Records to give his fans something to cheer about in this time of uncertainty.

" All Eyes will give my fans a sneak peek into the new material I'm creating for 2020," he said. "The coronavirus is a setback; however, I will use the time to reflect on life and my career, and I will be stronger all for the better," he said.

Last year, he found the tune Level Up by Passa Don Music, that made its way into mainstream music.

" Level Up gave me a big exposure and was a bit hit on radio and social media. 'Level up' is a talk I got from my cousin in the States. He always a talk 'bout 'level up, 20'. Yuh done know, we have the cars and the mansion, and some man a talk and can't mek the walk," he said during a recent interview.

However, his first real break was when he linked up with Mavado on a show in Canada.

Vypa Don has lived in Canada for more than 15 years and was in and out of music. This changed when he returned to Jamaica in 2016.

He was introduced to Passa Don by his good friend, Hazard, to continue his musical journey. This led to the single Nah Go Suffer, recorded at the Friends for Real Studio in Kingston.

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