Amlak RedSquare,KvnG TaT team up for the ladies

May 05, 2020
Amlak RedSquare
Amlak RedSquare

Reggae artiste Amlak RedSquare tackles matters of the heart on his latest single, Heart a Love.

The song, produced by New York-based Ricky Peela for Peela Productions, features newcomer KvnG TaT.

Known for his conscious lyrics and authentic reggae music with a rebel vibe and distinct feel, Amlak RedSquare wanted to send a special message to the women with the song.

"I got the beat from Ricky Peela before I left for Europe last year, and while I was in transit to a show in Germany I started to medz the track and thought, why not do something for the ladies? I haven't really done a lot of tracks like that throughout my career so far," Amlak RedSquare said.

He said KvnG TaT's vibrancy, catchy lyrics and melody made it easy for his inclusion on the track.

"While writing the song, I felt it needed some serious melody and catchiness to it, and I thought, why not collaborate with one of the artistes in the RedSquare camp? He also brings vibrancy, catchy lyrics and melody, plus a new sound that hasn't really been heard in mainstream reggae and dancehall music," said Amlak RedSquare.

Heart a Love is to be released on May 7, while the video drops shortly after.

"We have sent the track to a select few people within our circle and they think it's the best track that I've come with to date, to be candid," said Amlak RedSquare.

Born Omar Gordon, Amlak RedSquare has been doing music professionally for the past nine years. He has performed on several reggae festivals across the Caribbean and Europe, as well as shows in Jamaica.

"I would say that my journey has been fulfilling in many ways and yet still, I feel like there is a lot more to come. I've been able to travel and perform in many places that a lot of up-and-coming acts haven't yet been to, and the exposure has given me a great sense of satisfaction and hunger for more," he said.

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