Top acts for Lion Order Productions’ new rhythm

May 05, 2020
Munga Honorable
Munga Honorable

Producer Leon Jones of Lion Order Productions says his second project is exactly what music lovers need during these trying times.

The Double O rhythm compilation boasts artistes such as Teejay ( Pretty Like Kylie), Intence ( Mek Money) and Munga Honorable ( Ozone).

The compilation has already begun to create an online buzz, as snippets of each song has already graced social media platforms.

"I have a lot of confidence in this project, especially because I have a team that is fully committed to making this a success. Each artiste on the rhythm is pleased with their final product and as such, I am sure that they will be promoting the songs with full force," said Leon Jones. "There are numerous disc jocks, females, popular personalities and media representatives that are requesting this project. Each song on the project appeals to different people in different ways and that's what makes it a hit."

With everyone locked inside and social media being their refuge, Lion Order Productions plans on taking full advantage of the various streaming platforms that are made readily available to listeners.

"We have to take on social media as much as we can during these times because as an entertainment ambassador, it's a part of our duty to ensure that we give the people good music to help keep them calm," he said.

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