RT Boss thinks alkaline foods will stave off COVID-19

May 11, 2020
RT Boss
RT Boss

Recording artiste and spiritual adviser RT Boss is of the view that the answer to keeping COVID-19 at bay is in our diet.

More specifically, RT Boss said that having a healthy pH balance, tipping the scales from acidic to alkaline is the best preventative response to the disease ravaging nations across the globe.

"If everybody can bring their bodies to an alkaline state, where everybody start eat right and get the pH level up, that can help to eliminate the judgement weh the corona ah come with," RT Boss told THE STAR.

"Now is the time to eat right and get your body on an alkaline level. Once your body is on an alkaline level, you won't have no problem with the corona, because it won't have anything to feed on," he claimed.

The argument advanced by RT Boss has been debunked by scientists.

Organic foods

However, RT Boss, though expectant of some backlash, said that the way to restore a healthy pH balance is with dieting. He recommends that Jamaicans add organic foods to their diets, like green juice, fruits and vegetables and sea moss. "From you talk dem sumn yah, you get a little bashing. But for now, keep away from rice, meat and dairy products. All of these things bring up your acidic level quick," he said.

He continued, "If you are sick right now, you will get COVID-19. Because it feeds off immune systems that are already deteriorating, start repair it from now. Go back to the Jamaican grassroots of using the organic stuff. We have the natural food and organic products on the island."

With estimates that 200,000 Jamaicans between ages 15 and 74 are living with diabetes, and that 30 per cent of Jamaica are living with hypertension or high blood pressure, RT Boss suggests that such ailments are manageable, and that those compromised persons can arm themselves with less acid and more alkaline.

"Because they are not alkaline, that is why COVID-19 can take over the body and damage them, based on the food they eat. All we have to do is strengthen ourselves, and we will be all right. Start feed on them and get your body right, so when the COVID enter the ground and start to spread out, everybody can pull through," he said.

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