Villa Vil excites with ‘Covid Life’

June 09, 2020
Villa Vil
Villa Vil

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused death and despair in more than 180 countries globally. And it appears that people have to coexist with the virus for at least another year because there is no cure for the disease just yet. However, Spanish Town-based dancehall artiste Orville Mullings, aka Villa Vil, has given a candid spin on this COVID-19 ordeal with the release of his song 'Covid Life'.

"I chose to do this song because of the COVID-19 pandemic, which is devastating the world presently. I think this song is in the perfect time slot according to the present situation the world is in," Villa Vil opined.

On the matter of the hilarious side of the song, he had this to say: "Well, I'm no doctor, but ever since 'little boy days', I heard people say laughter is the best medicine. Little joke better than quarrel. So I think laughter can help in many ways, and the humour also helps people to enjoy doing the right thing because this virus is no joke."

The song was released in April, and it is getting traction on the radio airwaves and social media.

"Well I can tell you that disc jocks love the song because they play it constantly. In addition, my fans going crazy over it. I now realise that most people really enjoy good, fun humour. It's also gaining lots of views on social media," he said.

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