Locksley fighting the COVID ‘war’

June 15, 2020

Roots reggae singer Locksley is currently promoting his latest single, War.

He said the track was inspired by the novel coronavirus that has claimed hundreds of thousands of lives worldwide. According to the entertainer, the virus is a discreet warfare which aims to drive fear into people.

"After watching the news and observing all that has been happening, the idea came to me that this is a warfare. I was in Negril at the time, and I remember when I came back into Kingston I felt nervous, especially when I hear about the death toll. I locked off my TV and radio for a few days because I didn't want it to drive fear in me, so that's how I penned the lyrics to the track," he said.

The rural St Andrew artiste says he is hoping that the track will inspire and offer hope to its listeners worldwide.

"A lot of people do music for the money and hype and yes, we all want to get a big break, but the most important thing for me is to get the message across and to educate and inspire people. Coronavirus is a silent war and our lives are going to be changed forever. People are going to be afraid to get close to anyone now, and if we don't work as a team we will not win this war," he said.

He stated that he has been receiving positive feedback from the single, although he has not got a chance to perform it for a live audience.

War is one of the singles that will be featured on Locksley's EP, which is slated to be completed later this year.

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