Guidance lights the way with COVID-19 givebacks

June 16, 2020

When the coronavirus first started to affect Jamaicans back in March, Guidance was one of the first artistes to kickstart initiatives to give back to the impoverished. To date, the ' Love What You Got' singer has helped more than 45 families in Portmore with essential items such as staples like flour and sugar, canned goods, and toiletries.

"With the help of my associates at Kerron Records, I began by helping 20 families in a place called Donland in Portmore Lane, and Newlands. People saw what I was doing online, and link me through Instagram and sent money, and I was able to continue it again in other parts of Portmore Lane and expanded into Passage Fort; it was useful especially during the time of the lockdown," Guidance said.

Guidance believes it is incumbent on "singers and players of instrument" to learn to light a candle in the darkest moments of people's lives.

"Is a nice feeling to bless up someone who really in need, the old and young, single mothers. These are our fellow Jamaicans, our reggae music fans. Big up World Boom, D'Angel and Bounty Killer who are doing similar things in the community," he said.

Guidance released the single, God Set Me Free, on the Kerron Records label in April, and he is pleased with the response as it has been added to the playlists of several major radio stations in Jamaica and overseas.

"It is a powerful song, done to bring about spiritual healing at this difficult time with the COVID-19 pandemic. You have to call on God in times like these," Guidance said.

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