Queenstun gets a million spins for ‘Convo Remix’

July 06, 2020
Queenstun members Rage (left) and Shavrine.Queenstun members Rage (left) and Shavrine.
Queenstun members Rage (left) and Shavrine.Queenstun members Rage (left) and Shavrine.

Dancehall dynamic female singjay duo Queenstun has been raising eyebrows with their verve, incredible fashion sense, and unique way of delivering songs.

Their breakout single, Convo Remix, inspired by Govana's H.A.M.A.N.T.S Remix, has racked up more than one million views online since its release.

"We got a lot of praise from our fan base. People immediately started to take notice of how truly talented we are, and everyone endorsed what we were doing and said they wanted to hear new songs, so we just ah do it," said Rage, one half of Queenstun.

So far, Queenstun has since recorded and released singles such as Minaj and Chopping featuring Hotfrass.

Rage, given name Cerine Gordon, always had a natural knack for music but it was after the death of her brother that she realised how truly therapeutic music was, channelling her inner emotions into music as the vehicle through which she was able to express her pain.

Rage's partner Shavrine, on the other hand, got her first introduction to music through church. Then a chance meeting at producer Lee Milla's studio, where the two women first made contact, generated immediate chemistry.


"People love our attitude, and how we compose our songs, and how we complement each other. I sing, she deejays, so it comes together to make great music. I feel like people like us, and the feedback on our newest song, Hush, shows that both females and males love our music," said Shavrine, given name Shavrine Wilson.

The duo got rave reviews for their performance at Wet N Wild in Ocho Rios last December. Currently under the management of Lee Milla Productions and Foreigners Invasion Entertainment and Recording Limited, Queenstun's aim is to make an indelible mark in the dancehall industry, and achieve a greater degree of women empowerment in the dancehall fraternity.

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