Prohgres demands more recognition

July 14, 2020

Known for his ability to turn everyday life into hit songs, recording artiste Prohgres has stirred up much controversy with his latest single, Break The Chains.

"The song is about me venting and clearing my mind while speaking on the issues I have with the entertainment industry," said Prohgres.

In the beginning of the song, Prohgres asks, " Wha mi nah do right, wha mi a do wrong? Dem seh wha yuh put in yuh get out suh help mi understand, why mi feel like nobody nah hear mi, even though mi put mi heart inna mi songs?".

"The fact that people are saying good music isn't being done is frustrating because I and dozens of other artistes are making good music, relatable music, fun music, and still the public leans to the artistes who are not delivering positivity," he continued.

With the visuals already amassing 60,000 online streams in less than three days, Prohgres hopes that this song will further open the musical gate.

"All my songs that I have released are songs that my listeners can relate to. I take time to ensure my craft is for the people; I make world music," he said. "I believe that when my fans hear my rhymes it should speak to them and remind them of something that they faced and overcame. I am known for motivating my fans and this time around, I need them to know that they motivate me to keep going regardless."

In another section of the song, he says, " Well today unu unlucky, tell this to every man, every gyal, dog and puppy, mi haffi prove seh mi great before mi kick the bucket".

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