G Maffiah creates buzz with new singles

August 11, 2020
G Maffiah
G Maffiah

United Kingdom-based recording artiste G Maffiah is pleased with the results he has been getting in 2020.

With new releases such as Bank and Pop Champagne, the entertainer shared that his online streams have multiplied significantly due to the strong promotional muscle behind the singles.

Both singles were self-produced on his G Maffiah Music imprint in conjunction with Dark Charm Records.

"Both of these songs are getting heavy rotation in the UK and surrounding areas. A few stations in Jamaica and other Caribbean countries have also joined the party, and I am truly grateful for where my career is at this point. I couldn't have reached where I am today without my fans, and I want them to know that my main objective is to keep making them proud," said G Maffiah.

Based on the feedback from the tracks, G Maffiah said that visuals would be dropping soon to complement each track.

Recording studio

The singjay has also completed his recording studio and has plans of dropping a rhythm compilation called Brain Wave. This compilation will feature artistes such as Mr Peppa, Tornado, Singry, Chris Thomas, and Macini.

"The completion of my studio means a lot to me because coming into music, this was one of my many goals I set to achieve within a certain time span, and I couldn't be more proud of myself and those who stuck around to see this plan all the way through. After I drop my rhythm, I will be working on the completion of my EP," he said.

G Maffiah is known for singles such as Your Loving, Dat A Nothing To We, and We Dem Like.

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