Lovingoldschool says education is the key to success

September 15, 2020

Reggae singer Lovingoldschool is pleased with the response to his recently released single titled Stay In School.

"It's getting rotation in Canada, the US, Europe, the Caribbean and the UK. I have to thank all the DJs who are playing it. I'm very grateful for their support," he said.

The Clarendon-born entertainer says he's not surprised that the song is doing well because it has a very positive message.

"From the moment I wrote the lyrics for this song I knew it was a winner. Education is very important. My song is encouraging the youth to stay in school and make something of themselves. People love this message, it resonates with both the young and the old," he said. "My team and I are putting a lot of promotion behind this song because we believe that it has the potential to be a very big hit."

Lovingoldschool is currently busy in the studios working on several new projects, including an EP.

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