I-Octane, Shawn Ice offer hope in ‘Times Like These’

September 16, 2020

At the height of the COVID-19 pandemic as the world shut down and looked toward artistes for a source of entertainment, Markus Wanted of Platinum Kids launched an online Instagram live clash, featuring artistes from across the globe, with celebrity judges such as Tifa, Darrio, Dovey Magnum, Nikki Z and I-Octane.

As fate and talent would have it, dancehall deejay Shawn Ice edged out all contenders in the inaugural competition, winning a collaboration with powerhouse act I-Octane. They have since teamed up to deliver a riveting single, Times Like These.

"I poured my personal journey and love of story telling through music in Times Like These," says Shawn Ice. "I want each fan to know that they are not alone in their struggles and that with prayer, hope and hard work, there is a way out."

The song starts with Shawn Ice deejaying:

"In times like these

Man haffi stay grateful G (yeah)

Memba mi couldn't buy the rice and peas

Mummie Neva grow man weak

Stand up on mi G D* feet (Soulja)

Mi know the tears mi know di pain

Di sacrifice it take fi gain

Mi know di ones weh change

Ah part yuh life yo Octane."

I-Octane, who delivers a hard-hitting and heartfelt chorus, said: "From when I heard Times Like These, I instantly felt good about it. Right away, I penned my chorus to match the song's inspirational vibe. I know this song will reach higher heights..."

Paul Platinum, one of the producers, is equally bullish about the song.

"As the world is truly in trying times, there is no doubt that Times Like These will resonate with worldwide, multigenerational audiences," he said. "The song's comforting sound, combined with its powerful message, will prompt music lovers to play it over and over again," he added of the song, which is produced by Platinum Kids and Studio 91 Records.

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