Panta Son creates a ‘Domino’ effect

September 21, 2020

Dubplate producer Panta Son, alongside Tipgod Music, has released the Domino rhythm, featuring dancehall giants like Beenie Man, Masicka, Aidonia and Jahvillani.

Of the 15 songs, Jahvillani has released the first music video off the rhythm called Domino, shot by Magic Studio.

Panta Son said the rhythm has been highly anticipated because of the artistes featured.

"This is the first riddim that features both Masicka and Aidonia, which is a step in the right direction for dancehall music. Additionally, Jahvillani's video alone received 100,000 views in the first day, so every week from here on out, there will be a domino effect with a new video dropping each week," he said.

The producer, given name Taj-Vaughn Johnson, is the son of famed sound system operator Pink Panther. He has had massive success with his dubplate and booking agency.

"I was born in music, that's what I do. I am producing high-quality music and music videos that resonate well with each artiste's fan base. The riddim predominately features songs for the ladies, but it also has a variety of other topics, so there is something for everyone," he said.

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