MiamiVice making waves with ‘Ways’

December 30, 2020

Recording artiste MiamiVice has been basking in much success following the release of his single, ' Ways'.

" Ways is something fun for the masses. It gives my fans a better insight of my personality because I am generally an upbeat person. It's been getting a lot of positive feedback and I am thankful for the continuous support. I have a lot of new material that I know will make an impact once they're released. I just want my fans to stay tuned," said MiamiVice.

The Druggy Records artiste also shared that the single has been copping airplay on several major international radio stations and with the momentum its building, it deserves a video.

"I have a certain level of vision and complexity that grows larger each day and I plan on utilising that for this video. For this particular single, I am steering more toward the animated side of things, especially because of the lockdown happening. I think doing a cartoon video will amp things up more and at the same time give the fans something different to enjoy," he said.

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