Nah Bade comes clean after recent baptism

February 22, 2021
Mr Hodges formerly known as Nah Bade.
Mr Hodges formerly known as Nah Bade.

His moniker may be a hard one to shake, but dancer Nah Bade is adamant that he no longer wants to be referred to as such.

"It is now Mr Hodges," he told THE STAR, a week after he was baptised at the Calvary United Worship Centre in St James.

A spiritual transformation has been a long time coming for the dancer, but it was accelerated by his recent union, he said.

"My wife and I married in the same church last October. Now, how can I see my wife going church an' ah preach fi win souls for the Kingdom of God an' me inna di street ah run up and down ah gwaan wid antics? It nuh look good," the dancer said.

He recalled feeling moved by the word of God at a gospel concert a few years ago in Sam Sharpe Square. "Minister Marion Hall a perform and she bless me and pray fi me," he said.

Mr Hodges said Hall inspired him to reflect on his life and goals, but he was not knowledgeable or completely ready to make the move. He revealed that he was raised in a strict Seventh-day Adventist family.

"As a youth circumstances make me take on the path of performing as part of the dancehall community in the streets, travelling to the US and Canada," he said, but added, "when God call yuh, wherever yuh deh, yuh haffi move."

"I am still a performer, with a purpose though, (so) my aim is to transition from the dancehall to the gospel scene as a musical minister. I have already started with persons closest to me, even though three-quarters of me fren dem say me talk too much God argument," he said.


His daughter Sahirah also got baptised, and Mr Hodges claims two other individuals present at church on the day heard the testimonies, saw the baptisms and were motivated to ask Pastor Las Henry Palmer to baptise them.

"I am already proving that it will be the same positive energy and drive. Nothing nuh change ... me do my work inna dancehall and I will do even more, by going hard inna gospel," he said.

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