Simple Ting highlights the ‘Barbie’ girls

February 22, 2021
Simple Ting
Simple Ting

An argument between himself and a woman over the type of girls he prefers was the inspiration behind Simple Ting's recent release, ' Barbie'.

"It was basically an incident between another female and myself where I was explaining to her that my girls are the Barbie-type looking. So (I told her) she should not seek my attention, because obviously she isn't a Barbie," Simple Ting explained.

He produced the song, which was released in April last year. It is his debut single, having worked behind the scenes as an engineer and later as a producer for close to six years.

"I took an interest in music after spending some time in the studio with Red Boom Supa Mix (producer and engineer at Frenz For Real studio). I basically became his understudy and then I began doing engineer work," Simple Ting explained.

Prior to his start in music, Simple Ting, given name Yanic Jackson, worked as a chef and a certified electrician.

"I was working as a chef and doing some catering with a friend. I started doing some cooking at the studio before I became a recording engineer. Just by being there at the studio I learnt about music," he shared.

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