Mr Khool shows off Carona Dance

February 23, 2021
Mr Khool
Mr Khool

Dancehall artiste Mr Khool recently reunited with his long-time manager and producer Jimmy Ricks of Insight Records to produce a new single, titled Carona Dance (Elbo Spec).

"Jimmy Ricks is the one who came up with the idea for this new song. I was at home chilling one day when he called me up and told me that he was coming to see me, because he has an idea to share with me. He brought me a piece of paper with some lyrics for the song and we discussed the idea. After that, I linked up with a friend of mine called 'Cammo', and we wrote the rest of the lyrics and worked out the vocal arrangements for the song," said Mr Khool.

The artiste said he has high hopes for the single, and they have started promoting it online. "The feedback that we're getting is very encouraging. We're getting ready to send it to radio now; after that, we're going to drop it officially on iTunes and all the other popular online music platforms," he said.

The hard-working deejay says he's happy to be working with Jimmy Ricks again.

"Since I've been in the music biz, Jimmy is the only person who has taken up my career seriously and invested in my talent. We did some great work in the past, but he decided to take a break from the business for a while. But now that he's back, I hope that we will do even bigger and better things together."

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