Cashan says ‘Psychopath’ is not promoting violence against men

April 09, 2021

No stranger to tragedy, recording artiste Cashan has used past experiences, including love and loss, in her songwriting.

She says that one of her latest singles, Psychopath, comes at a time when females need to know someone is on their side.

"The track was featured on the Jamaica Garrison Christmas album last December, but the music video was uploaded over the weekend... making good use of the lockdown," she told THE STAR. "Sometimes it's not only the message. Time was spent on the video concept, from me writing the script for it to be catchy so people would give it the attention it deserves."

The song has been getting positive feedback, even though the singer-songwriter revealed that some persons think that it promotes violence.

"It was important for me to speak about something that should be reflex, knowing how to defend one's self," she said, adding that she has seen where violence against females affected her own family. "Mi nuh play games wid sending certain messages through my music. It's not promoting violence against men but come on. When a person do supn wrong, yuh know dem a get dem punishment."

The Moneague, St Ann-raised artiste recalled that her niece was raped and killed years ago.

She said, "They found her body and had to bury her right away because of the state she was left in. And my daddy who used to comb her hair and walk with her to bus stop, it affected him mentally to the point where he lost it. Him neva even memba me. It has left a mark on our family. So, who said I am tough? But I have to be. I have had experiences where I could be a psychopath but I beg God don't put me in any situation that would require that of me."

Psychopath, produced by Sasaine Music Records, has been steadily garnering views and the support of persons within the music industry, including fellow female recording artiste Ce'Cile.

"This song was born out of looking for a song to get on the Christmas album, and Sasaine went ahead and created a beat for me. It just turned out that this is the vibe I got from it," Cashan explained. "When I realised our headlines reflecting the reality of violence against woman it became all the more serious."

- S.L.

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