Ce’Cile happy with rise of female talent - Says once they produce timeless music, longevity is a must

April 16, 2021

Entertainer Ce'Cile, who is celebrating two decades in the entertainment business, says that not only is she satisfied with the quantity of women rearing their heads in today's musical landscape, but also the quality these 'alpha females' possess.

"I am just so happy with what our women have been bringing to the table. There are so many of them that are doing well that it makes me proud to watch. The girls have been showing up and showing out and because of that the industry is a lot more balanced today than it was several years ago," she told THE WEEKEND STAR. "You have so many of these young ladies who are doing their thing not just in reggae but dancehall. And not only are they showing up in numbers but their work is impressive."

Ce'Cile, who just dropped her latest EP Sophisticated, said the only advice she would give to the current crop of young female artistes is to do music that will last through generations.

"I have tried from the beginning of my career to make sure that every song I put out there is one that will outlive me. I would be washed up already if I wasn't doing music that stood the test of time but I always thought about longevity," she said. "It's not by accident that I have lasted so long and why I seem fresh to a lot of people. I wrote some classic tracks. I can go anywhere and people a bawl fi hear I'm Waiting. That is what I want for these women in the business."

"That is why I love and idolise people like Beres Hammond. My mom listened to Beres Hammond, I grew up listening to Beres Hammond, and Nana [her daughter] is now listening to him and she loves his songs. His songs connect with every generation," she continued. "As an artiste, it is great when you can produce work that will outlive you and last for generations. I really believe the women I see doing their thing in music today can have that. They just have to be deliberate about the business and serious about their craft."

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