Sean Austin promises purposeful music

April 19, 2021
Sean Austin
Sean Austin

Sean Austin brings a level of versatility to the entertainment industry that many established artistes will be forced to contend with.

The entertainer, whose given name is Sean Linton, sings reggae music, with a touch of hip hop and ska. Driven by ambition to make it to the pinnacle by delivering the best quality reggae music, Sean Austin said, "I want to deliver purposeful music, in the sense of bringing reggae back to its true nature and form of storytelling that evokes human expression and emotion. I aim to create a body of work which reflects the life of everyday people, especially Jamaicans."

The Clarendon-born entertainer has been performing in Austin, Texas and Miami, Florida in the United States of America. He also said that he has been booked for events in Europe and Africa.

His newly-released single, Smoke vs Fire released on the Ferg riddim, is a medley of dancehall, reggae and hip hop. He collaborates with Anastasia Hera Smith, Kozmic Consciousnez, Kris Sasaki and Fari on the track.

Sean Austin has recorded songs such as Love You Mama, a timely tribute to mothers across the world, and Don't Do Me Like 2020. Asked about his inspirations in writing these and other songs, Sean Austin responded: "I draw inspiration from everyone I meet cause everyone is unique and has a story. My job as an artiste is to tell that story, through songs".

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