Nature Ellis calls for change on new album

April 20, 2021
Nature Ellis
Nature Ellis

Reggae crooner Nature Ellis is lobbying for a revolution with his newly released album, a nine-track project called Revolution Choice.

With the changes worldwide over the last year caused primarily by the global pandemic, the artiste was motivated to record this project for the uplifting and empowerment of persons worldwide.

"We are living in a time of great change when many persons' eyes are being opened and seeing how evil the Babylon system is. This is a revolution within itself. So many things are taking place which require a messenger to translate to the people through music," Nature Ellis explained.

The artiste has been delivering this message since 2020 with the release of his Awaken album on his label, Preserve Nature Entertainment. With Revolution Choice, he is reaffirming the pivotal message of unity and strength in the Almighty.

" Revolution Choice is for the people who are doing their best to keep upright and also the ones who need guidance to the light. It's for ones who love the truth and the ones who are seeking the truth. We are targeting the world with this message," Nature Ellis added.

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