Chi Ching Ching looks to break negative stigmas

April 27, 2021
Chi Ching Ching
Chi Ching Ching

Chi Ching Ching has been flavouring Jamaica's dancehall music scene with upbeat, gimmicky singles that highlighted dance culture.

But three years since signing to Sean Paul's Dutty Rock label, the dancer-turned-deejay is re-focusing his lyrics, slightly.

"Everybody in Jamaica have me as a dancer, making music for dancers and nothing's wrong with that. But I'm not dwelling on dance-type songs for 2021," he told THE STAR. "I am working on different songs which may or may not have a dance to go along with it."

The Turning Tables artiste recognised there was a niche market for slangs and carved a career out of transforming catch phrases into lyrics, which garnered the attention of hip hop megastars like Lil John and Fatman Scoop, who, themselves, were known for creating noise around different in-the-street sayings.

"The music business has a different time for different things and the focus is changing. I'm not waiting on the time di dancing return," Chi Ching Ching said, adding that his latest singles, Vaccine and Don Don, "are about having fun but breaking negative stigmas".

Accepting the role of an entertainer, and one who is known to 'make light' of heavy topics, he said that it was natural for him to have fun with the current conversation around vaccines.

I'm on edge

"I'm not going lie, I'm on edge about it like most people, because from we born we get injections as children. People of my generation not used to a pandemic and I never see my parents at my age lining up to get vaccinated, so it leaves us to think and ask a lot of serious questions," he said. "So, me say, me not going make it mad me. Instead I would make something that could help take the stress away from hearing the word."

He has been frequently travelling for shows and studio sessions across the US and said the opportunity to record the track happened while in Los Angeles, after receiving a rhythm from Trinidad-based Stadic Music. The single quickly became a collaboration between the producer, along with Johnny Blaze Productions and Chi Ching Ching's newly-established label, Amere Entertainment.

Likewise Don Don, produced by New York-based Bobby 'Massive B' Konders, was inspired by emerging dancer Waky Traffic, who Chi Ching Ching described as being "witty with words and dance moves". The lyrics speak to the concept of 'donmanship' and how it is viewed globally.

"In our culture, and worldwide, people take up the word 'don' and it has become a lifestyle. You have whole heap a youths a live the lifestyle but dem a nuh don. This one is representing for the youths weh nah do nuh crime but leading with 'don' lifestyle," Chi Ching Ching explained.

The artiste said that he has several songs mixed and ready to be released, as well as music videos "which will show a different side of me and my brand and change people's views on a lot of things".

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