Janeel Mills’ ‘In The Ghetto’ aims to uplift and inspire

April 27, 2021
Janeel Mills
Janeel Mills

Having made her name for the past three years by singing backup for esteemed artistes like Julian Marley and Nadine Sutherland, Janeel Mills has already made a meaningful impact with her debut single, In The Ghetto.

Her style can be best described as roots reggae fused with a R&B pop style, which producer Phillip McFarlane of Irie Yute Records was able to masterfully display on In The Ghetto.

Speaking on her professional debut, the multifaceted singer explained her inspiration.

"The song speaks about youths living in the ghetto, but we have the vision to aspire to be great. Despite whatever challenges that we face in our daily lives, we still have that determination to make it out. Hence why I say, ' but as sure as the sunshine I'm going to take what's mine'. I just want to remind people that it really doesn't matter where you come from, it could be ghetto, uptown, round town, country, as long as you have the drive and will to succeed, you can do it," she said.

The official video for In The Ghetto was filmed on location at the artiste's home town of Seaview Gardens in St Andrew.

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