DJ Antsman wants schools to guide young DJs

May 04, 2021
DJ Antsman
DJ Antsman

Fast-rising disc jockey DJ Antsman, given name Shamari McKoy, said that now is the time schools should be looking to invest in the talent of their students.

"I believe students of local institutions are falling behind in terms of the knowledge they need to hone their social skills and talents in the arts ... music being one of them," DJ Antsman told THE STAR. "If more youths were being taught the necessary know-how in, say, playing music as a disc jockey from in high school, other concepts would be easier to grasp. That's why the schools need to put more emphasis on these talents."

DJ Antsman started his professional career as a disc jockey while at St George's College, and went to sixth form at Ardenne High School.

There, he observed the operations of a DJ Club, where, according to DJ Antsman, "it was at that point I realised I was ahead of my peers".

He was exposed to the sound system culture in his home, and set a goal to achieve success in the entertainment field.

"There is always the natural way of doing things out of love, but it is important to have the facilities to get the knowledge and develop the discipline," he said. "In my house, there was always support for my talent of choice, but it was encouraged during leisure time."


The disc jockey continues to reap the benefits of his labour, as he received the 2020 Reggae Dancehall Award for Best DJ on April 30.

"This is from committing to [putting] out the same hard work, and I am grateful. I have been able to roll out these achievements in front of mommy," an exuberant DJ Antsman said.

He argued that if educational institutions pay attention to the development of DJs, they "will be able to nurture some more talents to make the next Antsman, or even better".

"I was 16 when I started professionally, and that's where it all started for a lot of the disc jockeys, but there just isn't enough focus from the schools," he said.


DJ Antsman, who is fan-proclaimed the golden boy in the disc jockey field, said he first started as a spectator, but now, he is one of the talents signed to Romeich Entertainment.

The disc jock is working hard to establish his record label, Loudest City Records. "I want to be a creator of an energy that will ultimately bring a difference in music," he said.

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