Just beat it! - Wessy Wessy done being Ghetto Jamaica Michael Jackson’s manager

June 10, 2021
Wessy Wessy
Wessy Wessy
Ghetto Michael Jackson
Ghetto Michael Jackson

"Me want him stop call me name," was the plea of Wessy Wessy to his former client, Ghetto Jamaica Michael Jackson.

Last weekend, videos began circulating on social media of the up-and-coming entertainer complaining that he was ill-treated. But Wessy Wessy told THE STAR that the entertainer is impatient.

"All him have to do is wait until the place open up back for things with him career to get back on track. But him waan go town because him claim seh party a gwaan and him a go freestyle," he said. In 2019, Wessy Wessy, given name Necus Fisher, discovered Ghetto Jamaica Michael Jackson "cleaning up rubbish and wearing dirty clothes" in downtown Kingston. He is adamant that he has dedicated time and spent money on Ghetto Jamaica Michael Jackson, "as if he were my son".

He said, "Anything him want, if him link me for it, he would get it. Him did deh Portmore. Me rent a house and give him a room fi himself and him have everything fi him comfort. Wessy Wessy said that the entertainer has since left the home and he is adamant that he will not be working with the young man anymore, because of the stories he has spread about him.

"Me name stink all 'bout di place with people bashing me. It doesn't look good. I have worked too hard. Just recently me buy my car and Jackson seh me use his money to make that purchase. What money, when he has not had a show for the past year?" he asked.

Wessy Wessy was also upset by allegations that he 'locked up' the entertainer and forced him to wear his daughter's slippers.

"My daughter does not even live with me, so I don't know how him would even come to find a slipper for her, that's one big joke," he said, accusing the entertainer of making false and defamatory statements.

The manager believes that Ghetto Jamaica Michael Jackson is feeling the pressure from not being able to perform for an audience, and shared that his last booking was at a private event held by a family member last December.

"Dem time deh, no show a gwaan, no booking a come in and my brother fly in from overseas and say him want to have a birthday get-together and me say, 'all right, just bring a phone and some clothes for Jackson' and he did just that. I don't know no other reason for him to leave on this bad vibe. I know he is going to reach out to me, but I wish him all the best," he said.

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