Lil Hanky Panky fights for space in entertainment arena

June 28, 2021

German dancer and emerging artiste Lil Hanky Panky said despite her name there is no funny business involved with her efforts to launch a career in Jamaica.

Recalling her first set of trips to the island, after learning about dancehall culture and music, she said her decision to teach dancing was not always well-received.

"When I started dancing here, it was show-dancing for a few music videos and to learn. Then, when [I] began teaching [in a few studios and gyms], I was labelled as a culture vulture," she told THE STAR.

"But I never wanted to say that I teach dancehall moves or that I'm doing dancehall music because as a white girl coming into the home of reggae and dancehall, it is often times met with disapproval," Lil Hanky Panky continued.

Despite the negatives, Lil Hanky Panky, given name Lilie Gorchkov, made Jamaica her home two years after her first visit in 2018. She said for her dance classes, she made it a duty to state that she was not teaching dancehall. Now, with the launch of her music recording career in Jamaica, Lil Hanky Panky has maintained the same approach and is quick to strike at stereotypes.

Local audience

Lil Hanky Panky believes that she is already making an impression on the local audience and the reggae-dancehall community with her single Sativa produced by Teetimus and with the music video which was shot in the streets of downtown Kingston. She is hoping to continue on the same momentum and looking forward to working with more Jamaican producers.

"I, at some point, registered my business here and after a long process, got a work permit, but by that time everyone was facing the pandemic. I came with a budget in mind and it pulled the rug from under my feet because I had a few classes planned - everything I planned for disappeared - I had nothing," she said.

"I had to rethink every plan; the only thing I was certain of was that I am not going back to Germany. That chapter of my life was closed, not because I don't like it or any bad thing, but I set my mind on doing this."

Lil Hanky Panky is managed by Marlon Hutchinson of After 13 Music. She is working on a five-track EP. The dancer-turned-artiste is experienced in music, having performed with rock bands and studied art in university, but is still passionate about establishing her dance studio in Jamaica.

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