STAR Summer Doll Artistes Edition: Marcy Chin

June 28, 2021
Marcy Chin
Marcy Chin
Marcy Chin
Marcy Chin
Marcy Chin

Stephanie Lyew

STAR Writer


Newly signed Downsound Records artiste Marcy Chin is a smart, colourful and an unapologetic firecracker. A hybrid performer and songwriter, Chin likes to play around with all genres, never leaving out her roots, which is a very strong core original dancehall sound. She recently collaborated with Skillibeng on a track titled Wul Night, which is adding some fiery flavours and feels to the summer season.

The song is number one in Finland on the iTunes Reggae Chart and with its success, she’s challenged her fans with a social-media video competition that could win them some money. “I thought of how my team and I could support my fans, while they support me,” she said.

“The challenge is encouraging participants to be creative, sexy, even funny, if that’s the route they choose.”

Wanting to bring out her fierce seductress side and have a little fun herself, this week’s STAR Summer Doll spent a ‘wul day’ with our team at Hellshire Beach soaking up some sun, and oh boy, did she add to the heat with her dare-to-be-bare summer wears.

What advice do you have for women who are not confident to try new styles or dress sexy?


Sexy is far more than showing skin. It’s a look, a vibe, a whole feeling. Once you put something on and it feels like this is it, all insecurities vanish. Whatever makes a woman feel sexy she will wear it (so), what I would not encourage a woman to do is look at other people’s dress and feel intimidated. Understanding your body shape is a big help because choosing the right fit does wonders. It’s the difference between wearing an outfit and it wearing you.



MAKE-UP BY: SASHAY GORDON @sashabeautee (876)-558-7765



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