Producer dedicates rhythm to late colleague

September 01, 2021
Dane Sortie
Dane Sortie

Dane Sortie of SartOut Records was a creative known among his peers for composing one-of-a-kind beats, and it was this talent that led him to team up with fellow producer Romieikon before his passing.

Sortie died from pneumonia and also had complications associated with COVID-19. The young producer, his brother Darren, and Romieikon decided to put their musical geniuses together for the HungOver rhythm. Darren recalls their moments working on the project.

"I remember us working on the project and him saying that it had a happy sound and it would be a great summer project. He was always so full of passion. His family, friends and music were everything to him, and that's how I know he fought as hard as he could," he said.

Romieikon said that meeting Dane made him realise that there is a whole new era of stars out there waiting to be discovered.

"We met through our work on Alkaline's Top Prize album and I shared an idea with him, and he shared that he has an idea that would complement my idea; and after liaising for two weeks we came up with the HungOver riddim. His aim was to introduce it on August 2, on his birthday, and we carried out his wish by dropping Fully Bad's ( Intoxicated) single on the rhythm.

With the remaining singles slated to hit stores on August 27, Romieikon says he is optimistic that the rhythm will perform well, based on the response to Intoxicated.

"I have a good feeling about this project, especially because of what it stands for. My goal of late has been to present dancehall music in a way that will have the same effect our legends have to date. I hand-picked the effects for the beat because I had a particular sound in mind, and Dane made it come to life. I will always remember him as a young legend," he said.

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