Tribalism helps push dancehall music, says 6ixx member Zizi

September 20, 2021

Over the years, entertainment industry stakeholders have called for a rejection of dancehall tribalism, but fast-rising artiste Zizi still believes in the power of moving in groups.

The deejay is affiliated with the popular dancehall outfit 6ixx and explained that he continues to do so because "me see it a work".

"Is a ting where it [tribalism] help keep the music and the artistes relevant, ah the movements help push dancehall music," he said when asked if tribalism and being part of a movement has any benefits.

"The 6ixx big yes, ah whole heap a artiste inna 6ixx but we also have a lot of producers like Flydie Wise, Dan Sky and Attomatic that balance the attention. All ah we work on the different music labels because there can never be enough music, especially with 6ixx that has a major fan base," Zizi continued.

His debut single Current has garnered over 1.5 million views on YouTube, and other tracks like Clearance Bath, Riches and Dancehall A Mi Place have also done well. The deejay said he has also recently tried his hand in production. With more time to focus on writing and producing songs, he was able to self-educate on the techniques needed to make dancehall music and was also signed by a management and record label.

"Now I have better knowledge of it, so me ah go 'bout it differently, me ah sort it out di real and proper way. Me just gwaan work and nuh stop put in the work," he said. Zizi also revealed that he recently signed with record label Big League Entertainment, and is looking to promote 'brand Zizi'. But he clarified that he remains a loyal 6ixx member.

"Anybody inna 6ixx will say it, we always ah work together and stick to the unit. Really and truly, even if me say me ah guh by Zizi, dem still ah guh add the 6ixx. It is part of me and help grow me but as me seh, all di time and inna me music, 'dem seh self-motivation a one a di best motivation'," he said.

The 6ixx producers are responsible for his latest single, Kill Dem Softly, and he is waiting for the release of a collaboration with Squash, titled Nah Medz Dem.

- S.L.

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