Entertainment Diary, THURSDAY

February 23, 2017
This hottie caught the eye at Smirnoff's Kingston 5 'Rojo" at Susie's Plaza, St Andrew recently.



Procare Men's Health Week, All-island Health and Fitness Festival, at NCB Mandeville from 5:30 p.m. to 7:30 p.m. Featuring workout challenge, medical and sexual health presentations, prizes and surprises.



St James

The Jamaica Film Commission and JAMPRO's Creative Industries present, Creative Industries' Open Day, Western Region, at Montego Bay Convention Centre, room C6, from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Kingston & St Andrew

Brown, Biggs, Kail, and Unlock family present, Fashion Unlock, at 83 Waltham park Road, Kingston 11. Performances by Star 9.

Music is Life Food Festival, at Luxurious Jerkaz Restaurant and Club, 55 Old Hope Road. Featuring: Kenneth Culture, Abajonai Kushites, Nitty Kutchie, Super Blacks, Filantro Lavah, Ornella, Chicken Hawk, Small Voice, Ras Zacharri, Jah Mike, and Congo Billy. Backing Bands: Ruffcut, Kasha Roots Band, DJ Banks, Woosh International Popular Sound. Admission: $1,000.

Nick the Cricketer and The Crick Squad present, Maxfield Premier League, at Clubs Corner, 6 Fitzgerald Avenue (off Maxfield Avenue). Music by Love Dust, guest selectors Spredy GloryOddi Frass, and Tommy Diamond. Special guests: Chris Gayle, Nikita Miller, Sadiki Bolt, and Damion Jacobs. Giveaways start at midnight for the best dressed.

This and every Friday, NK Deli and Salsa Society of Jamaica present Pre-Game Fridays, 2-4-1 Happy Hour, at New Kingston Conference Centre (upstairs New Kingston Business Centre). Free salsa classes at 6 p.m. Latin dancing continues until 10 p.m. Music by DJ Drizzy Dre & DJ Chan. Telephone: 754-8714.

This and every Friday, Jackpot Sports Bar presents Come Drink with Me, 42 Giltress Street, Rollington Town, Kingston 2. Every Friday and Saturday, reduced prices on all drinks, lots of giveaways and free tokens to play slots.


SATURDAY, February 25


Procare Men's Health Week, All-island Health and Fitness Festival, at Devon House, Front Lawn, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Featuring Lifestyle and Wellness presenters, exercise session, medial and sexual health presentations, Omni Educator kiddies village, cooking display, health checks, prizes and surprises for the entire family.

Sexy Nickeba Birthday Party, Side Chick Edition, at Piggy's Pub, Orange and Charles Street. Special guest: Alanzo Hawk. Food on the house.

Pure White Promotions presents, Revealed - Easy Access Edition, at The Club Roof, Half Way Tree Mall. Hosted by: Garrizon. Music by: Mental, Joe Bling, and DJ Unknown. Admission: $300.

Praise and Laughter, at C & C Southbeach, 2 Brompton Road, New Kingston. Featuring Kevin Downswell, Rondell Positive, Ity and Fancy Cat, Bello and Blackka, Leighton Smith, and iWorshipp. Admission $1,200 presold, $1,500 at the gate. Infoline 542-4160.

Lenni British presents, It A Work, at Red Bull HQ, Drewsland. Music by Pelpa Sound. Photos by Foster Shots.

This and every Saturday, Magnum Belleh Saturdays, The Ultimate Dancing Party, at 28 Derrymore Road. Admission: free.

St Ann

Streetz at Ocean Village Centre, Ocho Rios, starting at 10 p.m. Featuring Ding Dong Ravers, Bass Odyssey, Coppershot and Illusion. Females free before 1 a.m., $500 after. Males $500 with flyer, $1000 without flyer.


Stop The Violence Music Festival, at Nazareth School Ground, Manchester. Featuring: Kenneth Culture, Super Blacks, Filantro Lavah, Ornella, Chicken Hawk, Small Voice, Jah Mike, Congo Billy, and others. Admission: Adults $500, children $100.


SUNDAY, February 26


St Elizabeth

Kool Out Sundays Synergy, partying and dancing edition, at Breadnut Valley, JPS Power Station. Featuring Raza B, Tifa, Nikki Chromazzz, DHQ Nickesha and Marvin. Music by Mixin Squad, ZJ Nova, and CD Fantasy Sound. Admission: $500.

MONDAY, February 27

Kingston & St Andrew

This and every Monday, Shella Mondays, at Melrose Avenue,

Intersection of Maxfield and Chisholm Avenue, from 6 p.m. to midnight.

TUESDAY, February 28

Everard Smith also known as Esquire, launches his book titled, BIRTH, at Red Bones Blues Cafe' from 6 p.m. to 8 p.m. Contact 929-9545 extension 305 for further details.

USAID launch of Advance Program and Labour Sector Presentations, at the Terra Nova Hotel, from 10 a.m. to midday. Guest speaker Minister of Education, Youth and Information, Ruel Reid.

St Catherine

Marlon, in association with St John's Wholesale Liquors and Everything Prints present, Pre-Ash Wednesday Fiesta, at Fren and Company Lawn, 134 Brunswick Ave., Spanish Town. Music by Denny Hype, Team Wire, DJ Ice Kid, DJ Pepes. Part charity event.

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