Entertainment Diary - WEDNESDAY

July 26, 2017
Sweet like honey, she got some attention at Caution Family's Moment in Fashion at Oneil's Place, Hagley Park, recently.

FRI, July 28

Richie's Kitchen and Seafood Place, in association with Bikers For Life Motorcycle Club, presents, Nyam and Party Sinting Part Three, at Building Block HQ, 14 Melrose Avenue, Kingston 13. Menu: steamed fish, roasted fish, shrimp, jerked chicken, fried chicken, curried goat and more. Food starts being served at 10 a.m.

Davel and Crystal present Essence, at ATL Car Park, 39 Half-Way Tree Road, from 9 p.m. to

2 a.m. Featuring dancers Juggy and Rass, and guest artistes. DJs: Influence, Dave, and Enigma. Guest DJ: Fire Deen and Baxter. Admission: $300 with ATL ID, $500 at the gate. Prizes for Best Queen and Star Gena.

Seafood Fiesta, Fridays After-Work Link Up, at Jacob's Place, King's Plaza. Featuring mouth-watering seafood on sale and big-screen projector showing music videos from the '60s, '70s, '80s and '90s.

Timeka presents her birthday party called New Level, New Level, at 17 Congreve Park, Bayside, Portmore, Lipstick Plaza Down Stairs Bar and Lounge. Featuring live performances by Clymaxx, Baby Trish, and friends. Music by: Flava Unit.


St Thomas



Robert Lightbourne Alumni Association presents Home Coming, at Trinityville. Featuring: community football, high-school football, debate, beauty pageants and giveaways. Other attractions include: water slide, bounceabout, face paining, and sprints. Admission: kids free, adults $200.

SAT, July 29

Robert Lightbourne Alumni Association presents, Home Coming Gospel and Reggae Concert, at Trinityville. Gospel show is 7 p.m. to 10 p.m. Reggae show is

11 p.m. to 4 a.m. Featuring George Nooks, Keesa Peart, Omar Douglas, Baby Trish, Likkle D, Jameik King, Di Ruption, Merciless, Bushman, Bad Bull Boss, Amaziyah The Great, and Prophecy. Admission: adults $600 before 10 p.m., $800 after. Children $150 with school ID, $200 without.

Rose Promotions presents Quavo's, drink inclusive, at 10 Jack's Hill Road. Music by Copper Shot, Di Unit. Admission: $2,000.


St Mary



St Mary Music and Food Festival, a day and night event, featuring: Kevin Isaacs, Culture, Michael Dawkins, Onesty from Belgium, Jah Mike, Chicken Hawk, Masterblade, Baby Father, Anaicon, and Eye Water. Admission: $1,000. Ticket outlet: Gayle's Farm Supplies, St Mary. Shuttle bus leaves at 5 a.m. Contact 816-5948 for further details.

WED, August 2


Kingston & St Andrew



Tequila Seventh Anniversary, at Rotty Bar, Stony Hill. Music by: Supermix Di Energy Sound. Featuring games all day, food and soup on the house.

SAT, August 5


St Catherine



Bembe Style-Fashion Statement, at Top Deck Glengoffe. Music by: Super Mix Sound, DJ Shawn, Cha Cha, Vybz 13 Music, and Bredda Hype Sound.

SUN, August 6


St Catherine



Beach Flex Car Sound Competition at Fort Clarence Beach. Admission $250

FRI, August 11


Kingston & St Andrew



Ghetto ATI, at Stress Free Lawn, Ward Close. Music by: Star One Soundand the Crew. Featuring: Fire Biggs, Joe Bling, DJ Oshane, DJ Platinum, and DJ Briggi. Best-styled female wins a flat-screen TV.


St Thomas



Free Flow promotion, in association with Buggy, Symone and DJ Sipple, presents Free Flow, Part 11, Buggy Famous Birthnight Bash, at G Spot Night Club, Seaforth. Featuring: Jack Stain, DJ Sipple and Flava, Tony P, Kevin Genius and Legacy Sound. Admission: $200

SUN, August 1


Kingston & St Andrew



SenYAcum Edutainment, in association with JCDC and Irie FM, presents Jamaica Poetry Festival, at Louise Bennett Garden Theatre, 36 Hope Road, from

10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Lifetime Achievement Award will be presented to Professor Mervyn Morries. Tributes will be paid to Mr Delroy Gordon. Featuring Mutabaruka, Yasus Afari, Asante Amen, Antonia Valarie, Jessica Mbangeni, Dr Clinton Hutton, Ka'Bu Ma'at Kheru, Kimberley Wright, and Kim Gaubault. Tickets: adults - $1,000 presold, $1,500 at the gate; children - $700 presold, $1,000 at the gate.

THURS, August 24


Sex Positions, Bare as you Dare Edition, at 63 Mountain View Avenue, from 6 p.m. to midnight. Music by No Limit and Pittyless.

SATURDAY, August 26

Clean Money Fish Fry and After Party, at Club yard, Brooks Level Road, Stony Hill. Music by stainless sound, Step by Step, Whimpy Hype, Chiney K, and DJ Shawn. Chef: Angel.

FRIDAY, September 1

St Ann

Hummingbird International Presents, Heart and Soul Gospel Concert, at St Ann's Bay Baptist Church, Market Street, starting at 6 p.m. Admission: $1,000 presold, $1,200 at the door. Backing band: Leviticus Band. Featuring: Joan Flemmings, Betty Martin, Unity Singers, T Rizzy, and others.

SATURDAY, September 2

Rooftop Loyalty Production, in association with Uptown Music Fraternity present Back to School Treat for the Children, at The Turf, Stand Pipe, staring 2 p.m.

SATURDAY, September 9

Kingston & St Andrew

Mali Round Robin, at Shoppy's Car Wash, Seaview Road, Stony Hill. Music by: Stainless Sound, Lippo and Chinnoman.

FRIDAY, September 28

St Catherine

Liquor Blacks in association with Di Unit presents, Heineken Splash, pool party, at Waterford Community Centre, Portmore. Music by Di Unit, ZJ Liquid, and Ice Box. Hosted by Singer J. Bucket deals all night. Admission free.

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