Entertainment Diary - MONDAY

September 18, 2017
A 'chromaz' walks with high-end liquors during last month's staging of Julius 10 Star' birthday bash held on Chelsea Avenue, in New Kingston.




Kingston & St Andrew



Mojito Mondays, every Monday at Susies's Bakery & Coffee Bar.

Uptown Mondays at Savannah Plaza, 35 Constant Spring Rd.

TUES, Sept 19


Borderline Tuesdays, at Spego's Place of Entertainment, Mandela Highway. Music by Stone Love.

WED, Sept 20


Pepperseed - Best of the '90s, every Wednesday at Pulse Lawns, 38A Trafalgar Road, Music by DJ Nevo.

Weddy Weddy Wednesday at Stone Love Headquarters, Burlington Avenue. Selectors: Wee Pow & Stone Love and guest selectors and DJs weekly.

FRI, Sept 22

Aschia presents her birthday celebration called Never about the Hype, at Pinto Lane, Stony Lane, Stony Hill. Featuring DJ San Hype, DJ Baba, and K9 International.

SAT, Sept 23


Formula, Hennessy, Muscato, Music at D'Club House, Temple Hall.

SAT, Sept 30


St Catherine



Kelly Upsetter presents Fashion Night Out, at Royal View Entertainment Complex, Portmore. Music by Chub Roc, Boom Boom, Bumpy Cash, Glen Stinger, and Hattaklaps. Admission: $1,000.

SAT, Oct 7





Ouch Snazzy Legacy, at Ronnie's Block Factory, Chudleigh, Christiana. Music by Bishop Escobar, DJ Kentucky and Niney Badness. Admission: $500.

SAT, Oct 14

Shawna presents her birthday bash called Mi Na Affi Wear Black Fi Bad Me Inna All White, Glow Edition, at Paris Ville Nightclub. Music by Ricky Fresh, DJ Diby, DJ Cat, and Sherlock. Admission: $300.

Rico and Team Kick Out present Kick Out, at Rose Hill, . Music by Niney Badness, Micetro, DJ Blazy, Jerry Kruga, G Snoop, and Energy Zone. Food and refreshments on sale.

SUN, Oct 15


St Ann



Aquatica First Anniversary, Igloo Edition, at Columbus Park, Discovery Bay. Music by Hyperactive Sound Ja, Sir Maphead, and Coppershot.

SAT, Oct 28


Kingston & St Andrew


Marlene Dancing Queen presents her birth night bash called Gold and White 50th Edition, Only the Strong Survive, Too Blessed to be Stressed, at 14-16 Slipe Road (beside Bobby the electrician and Unipet Gas Station). Music by Assassin Disco, with DJ Crew and guest selector. Food, soup & cake on the house.



Y Dem A Change Dat Plan - Part 5, at 11 Grove Road, Kencot, Kingston 10. Music by Stone Love with Alanzo Hawk. Admission: $300.

Construction Halloween Part Two, Costume Edition, at Garvey Youth Club, South Side. Special guests: Turbulence and friends. Music by Mello Mix Sound, DJ Chip, Brown Ross, Fire T and Metro Graphic.

SUN, Oct 29



St Elizabeth



Riviera: All-White Edition, at Beach Front, Black River, from midday to midnight. Food inclusive. Admission: $3,500.



Kingston & St Andrew


Y Dem A Change Dat Plan - Part 5, at 11 Grove Road, Kencot, Kingston 10. Music by Stone Love with Alanzo Hawk. Admission: $300.

SAT, Dec 2





Ori presents Big Deal, All-White Saga, at New Green Community Centre, Mandeville.

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