Entertainment Diary - Monday

November 20, 2017
This patron reacts favourably to the music at BRT Weekend's Glow Wonderland party in Florida recently.



Kingston & St Andrew


Construction Wear, at Garvey Youth Club, South Side. Music by DJ Chip Sound, Ma Dawg, Brown Rass. Special guests: Gully Bop, Mr Peppa, Danny English and Alozade.

Detta Lifestyle at Happy Wednesday HQ, 26 Langston Road, Vineyard Town. From

6 p.m. to midnight.



Kingston & St Andrew


Peta-Gaye as Sency-Sweetness presents Golden Hold, Birthday Party, The Cook-out Style, at 79 Cassava Piece, Kingston 8. Music by Four Star. Tickets: $1,200 and $1,500.



Kingston & St Andrew


Hills Dream, Relive The Dream: Full-Black Edition, at D' Clubhouse, Temple Hall. Music by Della Soul, DJ Banka and Siddo, Bigga 5, DJ Baba and Phenzik. Admission: $300.



Kingston & St Andrew


Talented Tas's Website and Entertainment Page Launch, at Olympia Crown Hotel, 53 Molynes Road. Formal dress code. Red carpet and cocktails at 5:30 p.m.

SAT, Dec 2


Kingston & St Andrew


Denise and Wallace presents Code White 2nd Edition, at 92 Chisholm Avenue. Music by Supa Hype, Arif Cooper, Bad Boy Chacha and Vibes 13. Admission: wear something white and 'shell' the bar.

Abba Birthday Bash Dweet Already and we Aguh Dweet Again, Fish Fry and Kids Treat at Fagan Avenue, Grants Pen. Music by Killa Mix, Harry Hype and Boom Boom.

Della Move Retro Party, at Ben Ova HQ, Water Lane, Mt James. Music by DJ Smurf, DJ Dee, Ivor Smith.

Manie Gooch birthday celebration Colours To The Hills, at D' Clubhouse, Temple Hall. Music by Fire Links, Boom Boom, K9 International, Foota Hype. Admission: $299.

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