Entertainment Diary - Wednesday

January 24, 2018
BJ says hi to the camera at Stress Free Wata Party held at Bournemouth Pool, in Kingston last Friday.

Fri, Jan 26



St Ann


Dweet And Done at Amnesia Nightclub, Ocho Rios. Music by Bass Oddessy and Fire Redz from Florida. Adm: $1,000 VIP; $2,000. Ladies 2-for-1 before 12.


Kingston and St Andrew


Glamour Girlz Promotion, in association with Lillian, presents Glamour Girls The Birthday Celebration: Soca vs Dancehall at D'Clubhouse, Temple Hall. Music by Stainless Supreme, DJ Baba & Phenzic and San Hype.

Olga presents her birthday cake sale at Gratto Swing bar, Hanna Street. Tickets $600.

Team Invikta presents Rendezvous: Blue And White Edition at Retoxbarja (Mango Ranch), 161/2 West Kings House Road. Doors open at 9 p.m. Admission: $1,000 pre-sold, $1,500 at the gate.

Sat, Jan 27



Kingston and St Andrew


The Voice of A Woman Festival, an evening with Grace Jones at Carib 5 Movie Theatre.

Sun, Jan 28





Fulcircle Muzik, Sizzla Kalonji Records and Alligator Head Foundation present Portland Beach Flex at Winefred Beach, Fairy Hill. Performances by Sizzla, Bugle, Wayne Marshall, Wayne j, Tactikal & More. Music by King Tafari Sound. Admission: $300 in the day, $500 in the night, and $1,000 food ticket.


St Ann


The Voice of A Woman all-day festival at Cove Cinema, Island Village, Ocho Rios.

SAT, Feb 3



Kingston and St Andrew


Team Milli Events presents The Return Anniversary Full White at St Lucia Car Park. Music by Badda Bling & Likkle Richie, Hotta Rice & DJ Milo, 13 Gang and Renaissance (Shella & Romeo). Admission: $1,000.

SUN, Feb 4



Kingston and St Andrew


MAPS (Music and Pool Series) third anniversary at Rockfort Mineral Bath.

SAT Feb 17



Kingston and St Andrew


Street Team production presents The Ultimate All Team Link-up Touch a Red Edition at Corner Shop Lawn, Parks Road, Above Rocks. Music by Super Mix, DJ Shawn, Baba and Phenzic and Lando Hype.

SAT Feb 24



St Elizabeth


The Super Gold Family presents a night called Stronger Now in Gayle Town, Goshen. Admission: keep the bartender bending.

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