Entertainment Diary - FRIDAY

February 16, 2018
Abigayle Parkinson (left) chills with friends during MAPS which was held at Rockfort Mineral Bath in St Andrew recently.

SAT Feb 17
Kingston and St. Andrew

Street Team production presents The Ultimate All Team Link Up Touch a Red Edition at Corner Shop Lawn, Parks Road, Above Rocks. Music by: Super Mix, DJ Shawn, Baba and Phenzic and Lando Hype.

FRI Feb 23
Kingston and St. Andrew

Nick presents Premiere Cookout & Day Rave at Clubs Corner, Fitzgerald Avenue, Kingston 13. Music by: Hiya Links. Tickets $1200 $1500


PIM Presents Royal Affair Ivory Edition at Manchester Gulf Club, Brumalia Road. Music by: Simple Touch, DJ Rope Head, DJ Marvin and DJ Ashile. Admission $800 presold, $1000 at the gate and $3500 cocktail inclusive

SAT Feb 24
St Elizabeth

The Super Gold Family presents a night called Stronger Now in Gayle Town, Goshen. Admission: keep the bartender bending.

Kingston and St Andrew

Black History at Red Light Settlement, Blue Mountain. Music by: Night Rider. Special guest artistes. Admission: $500

SAT Mar 3
Kingston and St. Andrew

Team STAIN invites you to GOOD LIFE 11th Anniversary “The Bag” at Shoppy’s Car Wash, Stony Hill, St. Andrew. Music by: Super Mix Sound, DJ Baba & Phenzic, Team Shella (Ikel Marvelous & Flabba Dabba) and Redd Heat. Admission $500 

SAT Mar 24
Kingston and St Andrew
Container Crew in association with Moscato presents Glow Fantasy at The container, Guava Gap, Mannings Hill. Music by: The magnum Bus, Hataklaps, DJ Baba and Phenzik. Moscato and Magnum Bucket deals.

SAT Mar 31
Kingston and St Andrew
Tamara presents Mi Want A Mill Fi Share at Sammy Dice Place, Mannings Hill. Music by: Black Moses Hi-Fi and DJ Ray.
FRI Mar 30
St Mary

Carol Syrup presents Vybez Friday at Grandy Hole, St. Mary. Music by: Super Mix, San Hype and DJ Matthew

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