Entertainment Diary - Wednesday

February 21, 2018
Carnival cuties enjoy Bacchanal Jamaica's opening night at Mas Camp last Friday.

FRI, Feb 23



Kingston and St Andrew


Nick presents Premiere Cookout & Day Rave at Clubs Corner, Fitzgerald Avenue, Kingston 13. Music by: Hiya Links. Tickets $1,200 $1,500.




PIM presents Royal Affair Ivory Edition at Manchester Gulf Club, Brumalia Road. Music by: Simple Touch, DJ Rope Head, DJ Marvin and DJ Ashile. Admission $800 presold, $1,000 at the gate and $3,500 cocktail inclusive

SAT, Feb 24



St Elizabeth


The Super Gold Family presents a night called Stronger Now in Gayle Town, Goshen. Admission: keep the bartender bending.





Kingston and St Andrew


Black History at Red Light Settlement, Blue Mountain. Music by: Night Rider. Special guest artistes. Admission: $500

FRI, Mar 2



Kingston and St Andrew


Kingston 20 J'Overt at 24 Caldwell Avenue, Duhaney Park

St Andrew North Police Sports Club presents Social at the Constant Spring police station. Music by: Super Mix, Tony pele Hype, Sky Juice, Badda Bling, DJ Shawn. Featuring Agent Sasco and Chi Ching.

SAT, Mar 3



Kingston and St Andrew


Team STAIN invites you to GOOD LIFE 11th Anniversary 'The Bag' at Shoppy's Car Wash, Stony Hill, St. Andrew. Music by: Super Mix Sound, DJ Baba & Phenzic, Team Shella (Ikel Marvelous & Flabba Dabba) and Redd Heat. Admission $500

Nipples Pool Party Series at Pool Side, Harbour View. From 4 p.m. to midnight. Admission $500. Women free before 10 pm and two-for-one after.

SAT Mar 24



Kingston and St Andrew


Container Crew in association with Moscato presents Glow Fantasy at The container, Guava Gap, Mannings Hill. Music by: The magnum Bus, Hataklaps, DJ Baba and Phenzik. Moscato and Magnum Bucket deals.

FRI, Mar 30



St Mary


Carol Syrup presents Vybez Friday at Grandy Hole, St Mary. Music by: Super Mix, San Hype and DJ Matthew.


Kingston and St Andrew


A school uniform party called School bell a Ring at 24 Half-Way Tree Road. Admission: bring a friend and spend.

SAT, Mar 31



Kingston and St Andrew


Tamara presents Mi Want A Mill Fi Share at Sammy Dice Place, Mannings Hill. Music by: Black Moses

Hi-Fi and DJ Ray.

SUN, April 1



St Ann


Prestige NightClub presents Ice Surge at Cave Valley Square. Admission: $500 men, women free before 11 p.m., $200 after.

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