Entertainment Diary - MONDAY

March 05, 2018
One could argue that Fiona Johnson stole the show when she attended Bonne Vie Pool Party that was held at the Great House, 4A Kirkland Avenue, East Kirkland Heights, St Andrew, recently.

SAT, Mar 17



Kingston and St Andrew


Mindless Ent presents Exposed - Sexy In Black at Twin Gates Lounge. Music by Team Shella (Ikel and Flabba Dabba), Wicked Foot Sound with DJ Gary Freestyles, and DJ Mafia. Admission: $500. ladies in black free before midnight.

FRI, Mar 23



Kingston and St Andrew


Georgia presents her Cake Sale at Gully Side HQ, corner of Love and manning streets. Cost: $600.

SAT, Mar 24



Kingston and St Andrew


Container Crew, in association with Moscato, presents Glow Fantasy at The container, Guava Gap, Mannings Hill. Music by the magnum bus, Hataklaps, and DJ Baba & Phenzik. Moscato and Magnum bucket deals.

FRI, Mar 30



St Mary


Carol Syrup presents Vybez Friday at Grandy Hole, St Mary. Music by Super Mix, San Hype, and DJ Matthew.

A school uniform party called School Bell a Ring at 24 Half-Way Tree Road. Admission: Bring a friend and spend.

SAT, Mar 31



Kingston and St Andrew


Tamara presents Mi Want A Mill Fi Share at Sammy Dice Place, Mannings Hill. Music by Black Moses Hi-Fi and DJ Ray.

SUN, April 1



St Ann


Prestige Nightclub presents Ice Surge at Cave Valley Square. Admission: $500 men, women free before 11 p.m. and $200 after.

FRI, April 27



Kingston and St Andrew


Julia presents her birthday celebration Progress - The lifestyle Edition at The Atlantic Pub, Mount Salus. Music by Killa Tone, Phenzic and Baba, DJ Shawn, and DJ Specialist.

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