Entertainment Diary - FRIDAY

March 23, 2018
UWI Carnival's Ring Road event brought out the beauties last Saturday.




Kingston and St Andrew


Teena presents her birthday party Caught Dem By Surprise at Infront di Bar, Seaview Road, Stony Hill. Music by BloodStain and King Tafari.

Georgia presents her Cake Sale at Gully Side HQ, corner of Love and manning streets. Cost: $600.

Jamaica Bijoux People's Choice hairstyle Contest 2018 at The Knutsford Court Hotel. Categories include weave, braid, and fantasy. Total prize money: US$2,000.

SAT, Mar 24



Kingston and St Andrew


Container Crew, in association with Moscato, presents Glow Fantasy at The container, Guava Gap, Mannings Hill. Music by the magnum bus, Hataklaps, and DJ Baba and Phenzik. Moscato and Magnum bucket deals.

Stone's Sweet Sensation - Where Retro Meets Soul at The Waterfalls, 160 Old Hope Road, Liguanea. Music by DJ Marvin, Donovan Dacres, and DJ Arif Cooper. Admission: $1,000 presold, $1,200 at the gate.


FRI, Mar 30



St Mary


Carol Syrup presents Vybez Friday at Grandy Hole. Music by Super Mix, San Hype, and DJ Matthew.

A school uniform party called School bell a Ring at 24 Half-Way Tree Road. Admission: Bring a friend and spend.

SAT, Mar 31


Kingston and St Andrew


Tamara presents Mi Want A Mill Fi Share at Sammy Dice Place, Mannings Hill. Music by Black Moses Hi-Fi and DJ Ray.

SUN, April 1


St Ann


Prestige Nightclub presents Ice Surge at Cave valley Square. Admission: $500 men, women free before 11 p.m., $200 after.




D'Angel Birthday Bash at Club Dreams, Caledonia Courts Plaza, Mandeville. Featuring performances from Beenie Man, Tommy Lee, and Lanz. Ladies 2-for-1. $1,000 at the gate, $2,000 VIP.

MON, April 2



St Elizabeth


Daigreon & Chun present Cook-out at Ipswich, Ray ray mummy Place. Music by Bling Platinum.

FRI, April 6


Kingston and St Andrew


Rich Boss presents The Rich Lifestyle at Rythms Bistro Lounge, 95-97 Constant Spring Road. Music by ZJ Ice and Wayne Head.





Kelly Upsetter presents Portmore Cook-out Taste di Excitement at Ken's car park. Music by Boom Boom, Foota hype, Bumpy cash, DJ Flava, and DJ Fire from England.

SAT, April 14





Dancehall Passport & Blazers Sports Bar present Spotless Live in Concert at Blazers Sports Bar in Refuge. Music by Blazer Int'l, DJ Cell Bloc, DJ Keen, and DJ Flow. Guest DJs: DJ Dalvy and DJ Kirk from Portland.

FRI, April 27


Kingston and St Andrew



Julia presents her birthday celebration Progress - The Lifestyle Edition at The Atlantic Pub, Mount Salus. Music by Killa Tone, Phenzic and Baba, DJ Shawn and DJ Specialist.

Addicted - Black and Gold Edition at D'Clubhouse. Music by K9 Intl, Super Mix, and Chiney K.

SAT, May 5





Dancehall Passport, in association with On Top Promotions, presents Bryka Live in Concert at Echo Nightclub, Baker Street, Buff Bay. Music by Road Code Band. Guest DJs: DJ Dalvy and DJ Kirk. Hosted by Roza Rebel, Off di Track Magazine, and Steppin Out Loud TV. Admission: $250.

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