Entertainment Diary - WEDNESDAY

April 04, 2018
Olivia dances up a storm at Dragon Stout Beach O Rama in east Kingston on Sunday.

FRI, April 6


Kingston and St Andrew

Rich Boss presents The Rich Lifestyle at Rythms Bistro Lounge, 95-97 Constant Spring Road. Music by ZJ Ice and Wayne Head.


Kelly Upsetter presents Portmore Cook-out Taste di Excitement at Ken's car park. Music by Boom Boom, Foota hype, Bumpy cash, DJ Flava, and DJ Fire from England.

SAT, April 14




Dancehall Passport & Blazers Sports Bar present Spotless Live in Concert at Blazers Sports Bar in Refuge. Music by Blazer Int'l, DJ Cell Bloc, DJ Keen, and DJ Flow. Guest DJs: DJ Dalvy and DJ Kirk from Portland.

FRI, April 27

Kingston and St Andrew

Julia presents her birthday celebration Progress - The Lifestyle Edition at The Atlantic Pub, Mount Salus. Music by Killa Tone, Phenzic and Baba, DJ Shawn and DJ Specialist.

Addicted - Black and Gold Edition at D'Clubhouse. Music by K9 Intl, Super Mix, and Chiney K.

SAT, May 5


Dancehall Passport, in association with On Top Promotions, presents Bryka Live in Concert at Echo Nightclub, Baker Street, Buff Bay. Music by Road Code Band. Guest DJs: DJ Dalvy and DJ Kirk. Hosted by Roza Rebel, Off di Track Magazine, and Steppin Out Loud TV. Admission: $250.

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